Suisan Fish Market

When LL was little(r), many of her playdates involved eating out. We lived on O’ahu then, and we’d end up lunching at places like The Wedding Cafe, Satura Cakes and the cafe at The Contemporary Museum. Surrounded by sample wedding invitations, pale tissue paper flowers and funky art exhibits, eating chicken walnut sandwiches, fancy little frosted cakes and colorful exotic salads, it all seemed quite girly. And it was, the four of us: me and my LL with my girlfriend and her little daughter, who’d dote on my toddler, kindly offering her snacks or a hand to hold.

So I think it’s pretty funny that one of Mister Cool J’s first playdate-turned-lunches was at Suisan Fish Market. Oh, so boyish indeed, eating outside the market and near the forklifts, flatbeds and huge bins of freshly caught mahi mahi. I know our new friend enjoyed it, as he happily exclaimed, “This is fun!” while popping shoyu peanuts into his mouth. Cool J kept wandering off to check out everything that was going on – from the guy carrying away bloody fish heads to the noisy monstrous ice machine to all the dirty and dangerous-looking parts on a nearby truck.

Suisan’s poke bowls made for a great lunch after hanging out at Moku Ola and Lili’uokalani Gardens with the boyz, who seemed to enjoy the same things: throwing rocks and sticks and leaves in the water and laughing at duck butts.


by Fuzzy Gerdes on Flickr

Here’s a look at Suisan Fish Market and some of their goods:

Suisan 014

Suisan 013

Suisan’s Wall of Fame, featuring their local fishermen

Suisan 011

Poke bowl menu

Suisan 012

In the case…1

Suisan 010


Suisan 009

…3! and there’s still more!

photo 2

more fish!

photo 4

poke bowl #1: shoyu ahi poke and kimchi tako poke

photo 3

spicy ahi poke and wasabi salmon poke

photo 1

the fish market carries other items, too…cookie butter

I recently added Suisan Fish Market as a friend on Facebook and found out they started making ceviche. I love ceviche! Didn’t take me long to go back…

photo 3

ono ceviche was ‘ono

photo 2

they now carry some fresh produce, too!

photo 1 (2)

fresh aholehole, anyone?

photo 4

Suisan Fish Market
93 Lihiwai Street
Hilo, Hawaii 96720
(808) 935-9349

Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm
Saturday 8 am – 4 pm

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