Christmas Shopping in Hilo

I used to hate Christmas shopping. Put me in those crowds and lines with my fellow stressed-out procrasti-LATE-or shoppers, sprinkle in some overwhelmed salespeople, apply pressure to find the perfect gift, and I am one unhappy bah-humbugger. So I turned to the Internet and shopped online for the holidays. Quick, easy and chock-full of product reviews, became my Christmas shopping friend.

But last year was different. I started thinking more about buying local. I go local as much as possible for my groceries, so why not gifts? I headed downtown to see what I could score, no list. I had the best time ever! This is what happened:

It all started at Moonstruck Patisserie. Went in just to get charged with some caffeine and sugar (yummy iced coffee and a decadent croissant). Several beautifully pre-packaged bags of cookies begged to come home with me, so I happily obliged.


croissant! from


Award-winning Soprano cake. Gotta try!

The next stop was a given. Cafe Pesto for gift certificates. Who wouldn’t want one? My faves: grilled chicken with Hamakua mushroom risotto, pizza with Italian sausage and eggplant, mushroom bisque. Coconut crusted calamari. Obviously, I never make it to dessert.

Sugar Coast Candy had some amazing chocolates on display and I picked up a couple of pounds of sweet goodness: dark chocolate-covered caramels with pecans. This one scored big points with mom.



Dragon Mama. I. LOVE. THIS. STORE. My own mama gifted me a Dragon Mama futon and it’s one of the best things ever. Beautiful fabrics galore! I picked up some nice teas and Japanese coin purses. Great socks for grandma.

Grabbed some Aloha Grown shirts. Awesome local designs and they’re all about supporting the community. What’s not to love?


From Aloha Grown’s Facebook page


Hilo Grown!

Orchidland Surf Shop! Scored a few more shirts for the guys. Everyone at Orchidland is always so nice.

I don’t remember what I got from The Most Irresistible Shop in Hilo, but look at some of the cool stuff they have this year. I want!


Everyone needs cute dish towels.


Sweet iPhone cases.

Then I hit up Hana Hou, quite possibly one of my most favorite-est shops in Hilo. They were serving up warm hospitality and homemade eggnog. Found some cute tops on sale for me! Here are a few new items from their Facebook page:


A vintage Tahitian Dress with Tahitian Tiare Pearls


Hilo handcrafted lauhala house slippers! <3

Basically Books was my last stop and did not disappoint. Great children’s books and funky little toys for the kids’ Christmas stockings. Tons of cool stuff and books for everyone.

And at that point, I was out of time. I had to get back home to my hubby and the little ones for lunch. I was happy and actually energized from shopping and chatting with all the friendly salesfolk. Can’t wait to do all that again this year!

Today (November 30) is Small Business Saturday. Go out and support your local businesses! And if you can’t make it today, you can make any day a Small Business Day. :)

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